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Order Entry Services  


Does your company have large order taking needs on a small financial budget? Call Experts can provide Order Entry solutions at a price that may surprise you.

It's Our Business to Assist Your Business

Our specialized operators can receive each of your calls in a manner customized to your business needs. Call Experts provides inbound telemarketing services using computer software developed for this task. This versatile software package allows us to tailor your account to your exact needs.

Order Taking Process:

When an Call Experts operator answers one of your callers, the operator is presented with a series of screens and help topics that directs them throughout the entire transaction. The order taking process ensures that all needed data is gathered and accurately recorded.
All of this allows operators to efficiently enter your orders, inform your customer of their per item cost, sales tax (if any), shipping charges and total charges. Upon reception of a new order, our operators will instantaneously confirm validity of the used credit card.

Order Tracking:

Orders can then be delivered to your Fax machine, placed on your bulletin board or delivered via email.

Increase Your Capabilities

Call Experts can perform all of your order entry services on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis. In addition, our services have been structured in such a way so as to tailor to your needs. We provide out-of-hour services or a combination of normal hours overflow and out-of-hour services.

What about  your business?
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