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This section is hard to develop unless you ask some questions. Let us know what you'd like to know. If it's something about us, we'll probably even post an answer.

Table of Contents
  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. How long does it take to start service?
  3. What makes your service better?
  4. What about your service levels?
  5. What if your system goes down?
  6. Do I have to sign up for a long term commitment?

How long has your company been in business?

We have been an established company since 1941. Back in those days, we could only offer operator based traditional telephone answering services. We've come a LONG way over the years. Now we support some of the most sophisticated service offerings out there. We continually demonstrate a will to thrive in this competitive market. We do this by bringing new technologies to bear on an ever increasing savvy marketplace. And by proving to our callers that our quality of service (QOS) and customer care are things they can count on. Every day.

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How long does it take to start service?

Most automated services can be configured in 1 working day. Simple operator services take 1-2 working days. And more complicated scripted or distributed services take about 5-7 working days. When we begin a project for you, we like to include some time for our agents to review the account PRIOR to their first call experience. So we build in some training and review time into the process. We've found this yields a superior call experience especially in the beginning.

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What makes your service better?

Only you will be able to answer this question. No amount of marketing tools will replace your own experience. Can we offer you the call center services you need? You bet. Are we the right center for everyone? Certainly not. Will we honestly tell you if we are not a good match for you? Yes we will. Give us a call to decide for yourself.

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What about your service levels?

We will let you see for yourself. We have packages that allow you to run reports and review statistical call performance right over a web browser in real time. Do you want to check out that caller who said they were on hold last night? Now you see it for yourself. What about that staff member who said they called this morning to say they weren't coming in, but no one at the service ever picked up? You check to see if their phone number even rang your account. How many other call centers will let you do that?

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What if your system goes down?

A disaster plan is a complicated and constantly evolving subject. Here's a little tid bit since you asked. A natural gas generator and UPSs protect our power source. We maintain 7 backup copies of the software. We have a complete spare telephony platform as well as additional spares of the key components within the platform. Agents both on-site and off-site can answer your account. And if so required we can maintain an account for you at a geographically separate call center (within the US of course).

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Do I have to sign up for a long term commitment?

NO. We believe that if we can not satisfy you, you should be free to choose another provider. This is a constant reminder for our staff to remain on our toes. That being said, it is worth noting that we do not lose too many clients due to poor service.

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