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Hospital Services  


A hospital is a collection of specialized individual units that work together. When an Call Experts operator answers one of your callers, the operator is presented with a series of screens and help topics that directs them throughout the entire transaction. All needed data is gathered and accurately recorded. This allows operators to efficiently interact with your callers, inform your customer according to your instructions, redirect the call as appropriate, and generate a detailed and permanent record for you of the entire transaction.

Request Tracking:
Requests from patients can then be delivered to a telephone, a fax machine, placed on our secure web site, or any combination by your design. HIPPA regulations are important to both of our organizations and we can provide a copy of our BAA upon request.

Increase Your Capabilities
Our state of the art call center offers all current feature offerings that are available on the market. We provide out-of-hour services or a combination of normal hours overflow and out-of-hour services.

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