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Multi-level Menus  


Voicemail is a tool and should be used where appropriate. The challenge is to effectively direct the caller to the information they want without being burdensome. A menu system can help overcome this challenge.

Not as scary as it used to be
In the past companies would use voicemail to shield themselves in a complex maze of prompts. If you change your philosophy of the purpose for a voicemail menus system, it can be used in a caller friendly manner. Provide callers with as few choices as necessary. They won't get overwhelmed or lost and you will increase the effectiveness of your goal. Menu systems are rebounding with this change.

Unleash the power of Now
Call Experts's voicemail system is as sophisticated as you elect to make it. Multi level menus can help create an illusion that you are a large organization. Menus will also make our service more efficient for you and your callers. By giving the callers the power to quickly get where they need to be, you will find that they are more satisfied with the end result. Some callers will get the info they need and never speak to an agent while others are content knowing that an agent is only a key press away.

What about  your business?
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