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Disaster Notification  


The building is closed. The phones are down. A crisis has arisen. All of these are examples of what a notification system might be used for. Sometimes you may want a system that can proactively reach out to inform a group that something has taken place. Other times you may need a centralized place to collect and disceminate information to staff as they check in.

The hardest part is the planning.
A notification system is hopefully never needed. But should it be required, you need to know that it's easy to use and that it works. Careful planning is essential. Use agents, voicemail or web. Require security or not. Cell phones, text message, or fax notification. There are a lot of decisions to consider. But the best decision is to start.

A process that works for you.
Using a secured web connection you can activate the notification process. Select based on a group or entire the entire list. We offer toll free access to a voicemail system outside your organization. You can use it to notify and/or announce instructions to staff. As always, there can be agents standing by to assist if that is desired.

What about  your business?
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